The AIM Women’s Center was founded in 1987 as a telephone helpline. Today it is a busy center in downtown Steubenville offering light to women and families in crisis or despair. In 2016, AIM had over 1230 total patient visits.

AIM offers free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds and options counseling to women in crisis pregnancy. We hope to change fear into confidence by providing critical services and relevant information to patients immersed in an ever changing culture.

AIM also offers BRIDGES and Parenting classes. These classes walk each woman through her pregnancy to help her prepare for the birth of her child. They also bring awareness to cycles of violence, addiction or unforgiveness that might hinder a woman from being the best mom she can be.

Women and families in the midst of hardship who come to AIM for monthly material assistance are treated with respect, compassion and understanding. A woman in need or in crisis can call anytime and speak with someone from AIM on our 24 hour help line.

The Lord is at the heart of this ministry. We glorify Him as we build relationships of respect and of love. The AIM Women’s Center has helped countless women and families over the last 30 years turn pain into healing, chaos into peace, despair into hope and fear into love.

Aim Women’s Center Annual Fundraising Dinner

The AIM Women’s Center Annual Fundraising Dinner – “Light of Life” will be held Monday, March 20, 2017 at St. Florian Hall in Wintersville. To find out more information, visit our “News/Events” tab.

For any questions contact Shannon Wiley at (740) 283-3636 or development@aimwomenscenter.com.